Using Energy to Re-align Posture with the Lightest Touch

Is it possible?

Being able to alter posture using energy is something that conventional science claims to be impossible.   

However, I have learnt that it IS possible!   

In fact, it’s something I do often as part of my QuantumTouch and massage therapy treatments … with no bone-crunching or force involved because it is pure energy-work, creating changes on a quantum or sub-cellular level and working with the body's natural healing intelligence.  

It’s a foundational part of all my therapy work.  I check structural alignment as standard before doing any other work to help alleviate back pain.

I have not only used energy to help realign human structure, I’ve used it for animals too; it's fast and extremely effective. 

In this picture, Lucy the dairy cow was having her first Quantum-Touch session to help realign pelvis after a difficult calving.  As you can see, it created quite a lot of interest! 

Seeing is believing

When I first saw someone realign posture using energy,  I wasn’t sure I believed it. It happened in less than 2 minutes and there was no force or manipulation involved. 

That was over 10 years ago at my first ever QuantumTouch weekend workshop.  I was no stranger to energy-work at that time and was open-minded and eager to learn.    I’d already been using Reiki and  Meridian Energy Therapies for several years. 

During the first morning of that workshop, we had a demonstration of aligning posture with energy, because we were all going to learn how to do this ourselves in the very next part of the workshop! 

There was a lady in the room who was a dancer.  Her pelvis had gone out of alignment following a fall and she had been experiencing hip and muscular pain ever since.  She willingly stepped up as a volunteer for the “altering posture with energy” demonstration.

Our workshop leader stepped up behind our volunteer, and using a simple visual check of how level the top of the hip bones were, we all observed that the right side was 2inches higher than the left.  Then the leader simply closed her eyes, and quietly applied the QuantumTouch energy work technique for 2 minutes.  During this time, our volunteer gave feedback about what she was feeling.  She said she could feel warmth deep inside her body, seemingly in the bones, and a gentle tugging sensation in one hip.  Then she felt a dull ache arise in her lower back, that amplified, moved to the right hip, then melted away.  The right hip felt icy cold.  And her body began to sway slightly, very gently, like a baby being slowly and carefully being rocked to sleep.

It was fascinating to watch.  Everyone in the room was holding their breath in awe. Eyebrows were being raised, and people were quietly murmering to eachother.  “Did you see that?”   “It’s straightening”  “Is it just her jumper?”  "Looks level".  We were completely captivated! 

 At no time during her 2 minute healing session was the lady alarmed or worried or concerned about the sensations she was feeling.  She said she had a feeling of peace and calm flow over her and she had a soft smile on her face.

After the 2 minutes were up, her hips were re-measured .. and they were now completely level.  A few of us got up to check for ourselves.  Yes, we all had to agree, the hips were level and the entire pelvis had realigned, not only left to right, but front to back too.  I was astounded.

The pelvic structure had moved. No pressure.  No bone-crunching.  The body just “knew” what to do and the structure glided smoothly back into place.

I've since had the honour of being able to demonstrate this myself at many different talks and events and every time, I am still as in awe of the body and human energy field as I was the first time I saw it. 

The healing intelligence of our bodies is often under-estimated

Altering posture like this with such a light touch can appear very dramatic.  Seeing the bones move is not something many of us experience in our reality from day to day.   

“The movement of bones is like the top of an iceburg because there is so much more going on beneath the surface.  Since we are not easily aware of the myriad changes taking place on a (subcellular/quantum) level, we say that the bones move because it is something we can clearly see.”  (Richard Gordon, Founder, QuantumTouch)

Sometimes bones move very slowly, sometimes quickly, and sometimes they will not move at all because the body is happy the way it is, and will remain structurally unchanged.   When working with people with chronic back problems, or sciatic pain, it can take anything from 2 minutes to 30 minutes or more before adjustments happen. 

We are all healers.

It’s a very natural human thing to want to help others, isn’t it.    We all have basic human needs that include love, touch, social support and a sense of connection.    

  • If you have ever felt the desire to help someone else who is in physical pain, you are a healer.   
  • If you have ever reached out to hug someone who was upset and needed comfort, you are a healer.
  • If you have family, friends or pets that you wish you could do more to help, you are a healer.

This basic desire to help comes straight from the heart.  Don’t ever doubt it.  You are already a great healer.

Woo woo or voo doo

When you connect with your heartfelt desire to help,  you are already tapping into a limitless energetic resource you can use to do energy healing.     When you learn how to access this resource, you can do wonderful healing work.   

But what if the concept of energy fields and healing may be a little strange to you.  Perhaps it’s something you think is just some kind of woo-woo or voo-doo and something to that brings up feelings of fear for you.

Or perhaps you are a natural skeptic, and won’t believe anything unless you can see it.

Or, maybe you have thought about energy healing in all its different forms (there are very many!) and wondered if you have to be born a certain way or with a specific gift to be able to do it.

I would just like to say to all of you, you are a natural healer.

You don’t even have to believe it.   

Nobody is trying to make you believe something you don’t want to. 

But if you are interested, I’d like to invite you to take the opportunity to see it and feel for yourself.

I host QuantumTouch talks and demonstrations throughout the year, and am also available for public speaker bookings at your own organisation's meeting or other events.   Get in touch via my contact page here to check availability. 

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Posted on 18 Aug 2019 by Eileen Strong
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