In April this year, 2019, I was delighted to be able to travel to Spain to attend an annual conference for Lifestyle Health coaches. 

Delegates from a range of different backgrounds attended the conference, travelling to sunny Torremolinos from South Africa, France, Canada, the USA, Germany, UK, Czech Republic and more .. such a priviledge to meet so many people passionate about health and helping others.   

So why was I there?  Because I am studying as a Health Coach with the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and what I've learn so far (just scratching the surface of a potentially limitless and expanding knowledge base!) is making a massive difference to not only my own health and quality of life but also that of my clients.  It is helping people unlock the answers to their health and life challenges that they've previously been unable to resolve.  It has changed the way I look at health, and having got to grips with this cutting edge approach, there's simply no going back ... !

The Eastern world has long since taken a preventative approach to health, and it now seems that the Western world is catching up ... and fast!   As discussed in his book "The 6 Root Causes of all Symptoms", Johannes Fisslinger (Founder of the Lifestyle Prescriptions®  University) the last century has been "all about disease management" and it was down to the doctor to fix whatever was broken.   

However, moving into the 21st Century, there is a revolutionary new healing paradigm emerging as we learn more about ourselves and our evolution as a species. It is fully integrative of different approaches, and all-embracing of our individual uniqueness.  One size doesn't fit all.  A personalised health care approach is vital. Why? 

  • Not everyone over age 50 gets arthritis
  • Not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer
  • Not everyone who eats cakes gets fat
  • It isn't it just older people who get dementia
  • Stress can effect the health of multiple types of body tissue and organs .. not just one.

We use evidence-based self-healing techniques and protocols to help people make radical transformations by helping them understand the WHAT and WHY behind symptoms.

I'll be sharing some of my case studies with you elsewhere on this website over the coming months.

In summary Lifestyle Medicine leading research (Dean Ornish MD, Midmi Guarneri MD, Elizabeth Blackburn MD amongst others) have shown that "comprehensive lifestyle modifications!" can stop and REVERSE up to 80% of chronic symptoms.  Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health coaching is coming to the fore of my work; it's a true life-changer for those who want to take responsibility for their own health, and those are the people I enjoy working with most.   A perfect fit!

Why not click here to view the short documentary film  and hear what some of the experts are saying about Lifestyle Medicine. 

If you have chronic health issues, and would like to explore a different approach AND commit to action in taking responsibility for your health, visit my  Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coaching page for more information about the root case based analysis, and book your free consultation. 


Pictures from top to bottom:

Top: International delegates at the conference enjoying the sunshine between learning sessions - including University founder Johannes R Fisslinger, Dr Anton Bader and Dr Stephane Provencher ... I will be telling you more about these amazing gentlemen in the future.

Next: Myself (far rights) with Dr Anton Bader, Pioneer in Brain Relay Diagnostics and Gail Farrow, Natural Health Therapist & Squash Coach and fellow health coach from UK, enjoying a laugh together.

Next: Beautiful beaches in Torremolinos - what a great setting for a conference!

Bottom:  An outdoor Q&A session led by Dr Stephane Provencher


Posted on 18 Jun 2019 by Eileen Strong

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