As a QuantumTouch Instructor/Practitioner, I'm often invited to local groups and organisations to speak about this amazing energy-healing technique .. and I always include a live audience demonstration whilst I'm there, so people can see for themselves how fast QT works.

I did one such talk & demo recently at a nearby Womens Institute evening in Doveridge, near Uttoxeter.  I used to live in the area and played in a local folk-rock band many times on stage in the very same village .. so it was a little odd to be back there, with an enthusiastic audience, but with no drumkit behind me and no fiddle on my shoulder!   

Still, it was such a priveledge to be able to share QuantumTouch.  Volunteers came up from the audience for the body-alignment demonstration .. which literally only takes 3 minutes.

Did you know that bones can move and re-align themselves with no crunching, and just the lightest touch?

With QT, that's precisely what happens. And the most wonderful thing is that anyone can learn this healing work. 

I received this lovely email the day after the talk.  Amazing what can happen in just 3 minutes!

Posted on 09 Sep 2016 by Eileen Strong

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