There is so much about our fast-paced modern world that can make us feel stressed-out. 

Consequently,  mindfulness, meditation and other holistic relaxational practices are growing in popularity all the time. 

So what is Meditation anyway?  Meditation got really popular in western cultures during the 1960s but it has been around for thousands of years; with one of its earliest birthplaces being in Asia around 2500BC.  Often associated with religion, and practiced in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, New age/Pagan, Taoisom and many many more .. it is actually not religious, as such, although many consider it to be a very spiritual practice; it helps a person focus the mind in such a way to eliminate outside influcences, producing a state of consciousness which is deeply relaxing and peaceful and can deepen a person's expanding spritual awareness.

Excellent as a self-help relaxational tool, it's health and wellbeing benefits are well researched and proven.  These include reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, increases blood flow to the brain, aiding concentration skills and promoting deeper sleep.

It is still practiced daily in Eastern cultures, where - interestingly -  the focus is on preventative medicine, as opposed to the West where we are still treating symptoms.  

There isn't just one type of Meditation that fits all.  It's worth looking around at all the different techniques that are available so you can find one that really resonates with you and supports wherever you want to be on your ever-changing journey through life.

There are Guided meditations which focus your mind on a guided visual journey to help with relaxation, empowerment and spiritual awareness.  This is the form I use in my classes, and the meditations follow different weekly themes. 

Other techniques include Transcendental (using a mantra as a focus for the mind), Zen (going beyond the logical mind into deeper thought), "Vipassana" which is considered the oldest form (promotes insights), and Taost which involved meditation through movement e.g. qi gong.  There are many more techniques .. which can also include Christian prayer, yoga, tai chi, labyrinth walking .. and much much more!

There are gere which include a basic, quietening/emptying of the mind,  meditation with a specific focus such as the breath, and activity-based meditation where there is movement as in Tai Chi, labyrinth walking etc.

Meditation will enhance your life in so many ways, providing you with insights into your own ever-changing life journey and  also helping you develop a connectedness with the very universe itself.

My next 6-week Relaxation & Meditation course is scheduled to start in a few weeks time at the Marjorie Centre for Complementary Health where I am based as an holistic therapist.   In addition to holding a Meditation Teacher Diploma I am also qualified in massage therapy, meridian energy therapy and other energy healing techniques including QuantumTouch and Reiki.   My passion for the healing arts is very much reflected in my guided meditations and you'll find them very empowering and inspiring .. as well as great for your health and wellbeing! 

  • Course starts on Thursday 29 Sept  2016 at 7 pm
  • At The Marjorie Centre for Complementary Health, Uttoxeter
  • Full course of 6 sessions costs £60.  (Early bird discount price £50 when booked & paid before 1 Sept)
  • Optional attendance for Class 1 "Introduction to Meditation" £10 - try before you buy the whole course
  • Sessions includes relaxation techniques, meditation, refreshments.

For bookings/more info, please get in touch or visit my Facebook page where you can follow the event. Click HERE for more information



Posted on 26 Aug 2016 by Eileen Strong

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