From time to time, we all need a little inspiration.

It's usually when we are faced with a decision, a choice, or an opportunity, and really aren't sure what direction to go in.  

Or maybe, we are just going through a bit of a "flat spot" in life, where everything is chugging along and we feel a bit stuck in a rut .. something is missing, but we aren't sure exactly what. 

If only ... some inspiration would come along.

It's your Passions that can help provide you with your missing Inspiration.

They come from your heart space, and not your head space.  

When you connect with your heart space, you connect with an amazing energy source that you can draw upon any time that will lift and energise you to take inspired action ... and that's when you start really living "in the flow", feeling fulfilled, feeling connected, going places!

But from time to time, people say to me, "I don't feel passionate about anything".  They just feel "stuck".

Well, everybody has a heart. 

So, everybody must have something they are passionate about, right?

When I teach The Passion Test at workshops or in coaching session, I help people connect with what is in their hearts.  

The Passion Test helps people connect with their Passions ... that amazing energy resource that resides within them, just waiting to be discovered and fully utilised to help us lead lives that feel happy and fulfilled.

So to help connect with your Passions, just think about the things you love the most.

What do you care about?

What's important to you?

Who is important to you?

Think about all the different parts of your life, and what is really important to you in each one:  relationships, career, finances, health, spiritual life, environment. 

What are those things that touch your heart and light you up inside?


And take a moment to imagine that you have all the money you could ever want in your life.  You can do, be or have anything you choose to do have.  What would be important to you?  What would you do?  Who would you be?  In a life without any limits, real or imaginary, who would you be?


It is well worth taking some quiet time to sit and ponder all these questions, and what your answers might be.  Allow yourself to drift down out of your "head" space, into your "heart" space, and allow yourself to "feel" for the answers there.

This is where your passions lie.  This is you source of energy and inspiration.  


Follow your heart.  It knows the way.  




How would you like to truly connect with your passions, and learn how to align your life with them!

I have an upcoming  Passion Test workshop runs on Satuday 2 July at 9.45 a.m. in Derby.   I also provide 1-2-1 coaching session which can be done either in person or via Skype.  

CLICK HERE to visit the Passion Test page on my webite. 

I look forward to hearing from you.




Posted on 02 Jun 2016 by Eileen Strong

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