The Passion Test is the simple, powerful process to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you, STARTING NOW!

The Passion Test was created by NYT Best Selling Author Janet Bray-Attwood. It has been endorsed by Joe Vitale of "The Secret", Jack Canfield - Americas No1 success coach and featured by Opra Winfrey ... to name just a few, the PASSION TEST process is a simple yet powerful system you can use again and again ...

I was first introduced to the Passion Test by my business coach, Saz Bailey, some years back.  As an enthusiastic Law of Attraction student, the Passion Test really resonated with me.  It helped me discover a lot about myself, my thought processes, my self-limiting beliefs, my comfort zones, my unique gifts, my power,  my passions!   The whole process was self-empowering and enlightening and I went on to become a member of the Passion Test Family myself, becoming a certified facilitator in 2014 so I could share this lovely process with others .....

So what will the Passion Test do for you?

You are on your own journey, you have your own unique gifts, desires, joys, challenges, passions ....  and it will help you:

* Discover your Top 5 Passions (not always what you think!)
* Learn how to align your life with them
* Learn the one secret to guarantee how to live a passionate life
* Give you the formula for creating whatever you choose to have in your life.

Read that last bullet point again.  

* Give you the formula for creating whatever you choose to have in your life.

If that is the only thing you take away from the Passion Test, that's priceless!  This is a hugely fun and inspirational workshop ... you'll be guaranteed more than a few "a-hah" moments and plenty of laughs too.

The cost of your investment is £45.
Previous PT workshop & coaching students £15
Contact Eileen for a registration form to book your place.

To find out more about the Passion Test and to read testimonials from previous students, click the following link to my website Passion Test page. Invidividual coaching session also available.
This is a really powerful half-day workshop

See you there!

Posted on 21 Mar 2016 by Eileen Strong

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