Oriental Fusion Rejuvenating Facial Massage

A safe and 100% natural alternative to surgical facelifts, this wonderful facial rejuvenation massage combines a number of massage reliably tried and tested techniques to achieve a noticeably fresher and more vibrant appearance of the skin, every time!

  • It reduces muscular tension in the face and jaw
  • Softens expression lines and wrinkles
  • Can help reduce puffiness or facial swelling
  • Helps speeden post-op recovery from surgical face-lifts
  • Firms and tones and lifts skin and muscles

The Natural Facelift massage movements are very relaxing, having a soothing effect on the central nervous system.  It can be beneficial for:

  • Teeth-grinders may experience benefits through deep relaxation of the jaw
  • Can help relieve anxiety and depression
  • Soothes headaches and tension
  • Help relieve sinus issues and seasonal allergies such as hayfever, etc.
  • And more!


Note that this wonderfully relaxing facial massage and can be carried out using the Hydrotherm massage system.  In terms of product, it uses only the smallest amount of 100% organic facial oil to allow a better glide for micro-circulation movements during your facial.  The effect of this massage is all in the blend of intricate technique.   It's hard to beat in terms of a relaxing facial! 

 I can also provide you with "before" and "after" photos too, so that you can compare the difference ... usually in lift, smoothness and/or  skin tone and radiance, for you to see for yourself.  

Prices start at £32 for a 60 minute appointment.   You can upgrade your treatment to include extra options, such as adding a back and shoulder or full body hydrotherm massage. 

Contact Eileen to book a free consultation before your first treatment.  Use the contact page of this website to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible.