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"The Passion Test"



Who can take the Passion Test?

The Passion Test is simple yet powerful and effective system you can use time and time again to create positive, lasting change in your life.

Anyone can benefit from taking The Passion Test, and especially if any of the following ring true for you:

  • You feel like something important is missing from your life .. and you might not be sure what.
  • You are at a crossroads in life, and aren't sure which direction is the best for you to take?
  • You feel overwhelmed ... there is so much you want to do, be or have, and you aren't sure where to start!
  • You spend so much time and energy supporting others around you, you feel your own needs and wants have slipped out of reach?
  • You simply want to feel more joy, peace and fulfilment in your life.

Well, if you want to create some positive changes in your life .. the Passion Test could be just what you need right now.

What will the Passion Test do for you?

  • Connect with and gain clarity on your deepest and most heartfelt desires; what is it that will bring more happiness and fulfilment into you life?
  • Learn the one secret that will help you take inspired action to create positive change
  • Get absolute clarity on what is most important to you at this time
  • Cover all areas of your life; relationships, career, spirituality, education, home, finance, health ... and get clear on what is most important at this time
  • Discover your Top 5 Passions and learn how to align your life more with them


"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life ..
and only to the extent you are clear"
                                                                                       Janet Bray Attwood - The Passion Test


What Eileen's clients say about the Passion Test

  • "I really enjoyed the Passion Test; I have had a lot of confusion over what I want to do with my life and this test gave me so much clarity"  Karen,  Little Eaton
  • "Interesting to learn so much more about yourself, and what your real passions are!"  Carolyn, Heanor 
  • "The Passion Test helped me gain clarity on what I would most like to have in my life - and also clearly drew my attention to the obstacles (self made and external) standing in my way.....I have been amazed at the changes in my life in just a few short months .. I will keep renewing my Passion Test for sure! Thank you!" Jonna, Derby
  • "Eileen helped me focus on what I really want from life ... and the Passion Test has given me the tools to be able to make it happen." Elaine, Derby
  • "If you aren''t clear on what you want, you will never achieve it! I thought I knew what I was most passionate about ... but the results after doing the Passion Test with Eileen really surpised me! Now, I am much more clear .. thank you" Dan, Belper
  • "The Passion Test has helped me achieve something I really didn't think was possible. Thank you" Nora, Derby
  • "The Passion Test has helped me focus on what is really important to me; as a result, my business has spring-boarded and I'm starting to branch out in other areas ... " Helen, Nottingham
  • "Very enjoyable learning! And so mind-opening. Thank you!" Linda, Derby


Join Eileen today and take the Test! 

Be amongst those thousands of people around the world whose lives have been transformed by the Passion Test. 

Eileen will guide you through your own Passion Test process so you can start actively creating more fulfilment and joy in your life straight away.  You'll gain valuable insights into those things that have been holding you back in the past ... until now!


Option 1 - The Passion Test Workshop.

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year at locations in Eileen's home county, Derbyshire UK.  Check Diary Dates here.

 You can even organise your own workshop for yourself and your friends at your own venue, and Eileen will travel to you!  Minimum numbers apply so please contact Eileen for a chat if this options interests you.

  • The workshop is easy, fun, and enjoyable for everyone
  • It creates profound changes for all attending, improving their lives for the better in a significant way.
  • All Passion Test worksheets and provided

It will teach you all you need to know to start  actively aligning your life fully with your passions, straight away.

Special one-time workshop bonuses also apply.

Contact me to register your interest in the date and I'll make sure you're among the first to be offered a place.

For those who want to go deeper into the process, or want to hit the ground at full speed,  there is Option 2.


Option 2 - The 2-Part Passion Test Coaching Programme


This is a fun, enlightening and affordable program to help you move forward with confidence and clarity.   Your Passion Test coaching program will include:

  •    Full details of the Passion Test system to help your prioritise and get absolute clarity on what is most important to you at this time
  •    How to consistently choose in favour of your passions and be your audacious, authentic self 
  •    Get tools to use when you run up against challenges or obstacles
  •    Tap into additional resources to support you on your future journey

You will get 2 x 90 minute scheduled coaching sessions, which can be either in person or via videoconference/telephone.  

You will get interim exercises and actions to do at home to enhance your Passion Test experience.

You will get unlimited email support between sessions.

To book coaching,  contact Eileen for pricing and payment options. 

BOOK  a FREE consultation today to find out more!  Get in touch using the contact page of this website today!