All data referred to in this policy is controlled by Eileen Strong.

Personal data is collected at the time of client consultation prior to initial treatment.  The collection of health information is used to ensure that treatments are safe and tailored to the client's personal requirement.  This also fulfils insurance company criteria. 

Personal data is also collected at the time of enrolment in  classes, workshops and events organised by Eileen Strong with a view to providing updates on classes enrolled and future events as appropriate.

Eileen Strong stores no details in electronic format about individuals other than names, phone numbers, email addresses and date of birth.

The purpose of storing this data is

  • to communicate with clients about appointments and ongoing treatments
  • to communicate with clients via an electronic newsletter with details of Eileen Strong's services and other relevant

Client data including client postal addresses, medical histories, emergency contact details, and record of treatments are kept in paper format only, stored in a secure lockable cabinet in a secure office.  These are kept up to date as treatments progress.  Client  records are retained for a number of years as specified by the Insurance provider. 

Any person who wishes to see a copy of their paper records can contact Eileen Strong via this website or by email.

Any person who wishes not to receive an electronic newsletter can unsubscribe at any time.

Eileen Strong takes your privacy seriously and  will never share your data with any other party, whether electronically or otherwise. 

This policy was last updated on 28Feb 2019