Stress Free Me


Six Steps to help you get back in control at your own pace

Stress is a difficult concept to define but occurs when either  too much activity is required in the time given or the pressure or weight of what is to be done is too great.

Our bodies have evolved to enable us to work, rest and play.  Many different activities at a great variety of levels can be achieved.

Sometimes we need to push harder or hang on longer and our body normally copes.  Stress occurs, however, when we exceed our ranges for too long.   The body has remarkable healing powers and given sufficient rest, much stress can be coped with. 

Stress can be beneficial to our livelihood, so the important thing to realise is that stress like many others things in life has to be managed.     This program is about exploring ways to de-stress.   

Firstly we will explore  your ideas of what stress is, why you are suffering from it  and what your symptoms are.  I will then help you to explore your specific stress triggers more deeply,  in both your inner and outer world, so that we can create a plan to help you most effectively manage stress.   This will be through drawing on more then 10 years experience in alternative and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, to equip you with a range of stress management and relaxation techniques that will help you feel more in control and empowered. 

There are 6 sessions to your programme that can be worked through at your own pace, be that weekly, fortnightly or monthly - but not longer than 2 monthly preferably.  You will receive unlimited email support between sessions if required.

The main reason for this program is to enable you to improve your own health and wellbeing.   You will also  discover insights about yourself that will contribute to your personal and spiritual development too.

Your personal programme will include:

  • Information handouts
  • Worksheets for use between sessions
  • Talk-therapy sessions 
  • Relaxational therapy sessions
  • Unlimited email support during the programme and up to 1 hour free teleconference support if needed

If you are experiencing high levels of stress in your life right now, and are feel overwhelmed, depressed or extremely anxious on a daily basis and developing physical symptoms as a result, please get in touch to arrange  a free no-obligation consultation.

Please note that following our consultation, I may refer you to one of my colleagues in other disciplines such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT etc if I feel, in my professional opinion,  that would be the most beneficial option for you at the present time. 

Price is £50 per 90 minute session which you can Pay As You Go  / or Prepay £270 for 6 sessions - all sessions scheduled so you can work at your own pace.   

Or you can  book a 45 minute Taster Session today for just £30!   This is a great way to help you decide whether the whole course would be right for you.   There is no obligation to book the course when you book a Taster Session.  A consultation session will still be needed beforehand, so just get in touch via the contact page of this website, and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.   

To read more about stress triggers and related symptoms of stress, please CLICK HERE to visit this discussion on my BLOG.  I hope you find it helpful.