Hopi Ear Candles (Thermo-auricular therapy)


 This is a deeply relaxing and calming treatment that has its roots in the sacred ceremony of the native Hopi peoples of North America, who had great medicinal knowledge and a highly developed sense of spirituality.

I use only the highest quality Biosun candles for treatment use.   The candles themselves are hollow tubes of organically grown flax, infused with honey extract, beeswax and traditional herbs such as Sage, St Johns Wort, Camomile and pure essential oils.  

When lit, they have a chimney effect, creating a gentle  massaging effect on the ear drum.  This helps to draw out impurities and has a balancing effect inside the ear.  

They are used widely throughout Europe, America and Asia by GP's and hospitals to treat ear, nose and throat conditions and in the UK are enjoying growing popularity as a complementary therapy. 

In addition to being a wonderfully relaxing treatment in its own right, "candling" can also be very beneficial for:

  • congestion
  • sinusitis/catarrh
  • tension headaches
  • easing snoring
  • glue ear
  • recurrent ear infections/ ear-ache
  • wax blockages
  • allergies (e.g. hay fever)

 Hopi Ear Candles are  suitable for both adults and children but would not be appropriate for anyone with perforated ear-drums, anyone who has ear-grommets in place, or has any sort of allergy to the candle ingredients.

Clients receive a FREE  20-30 minute consultation/health check prior to any of my treatments, to ensure they get the maximum possible benefit from their time spent with me.

It is important that clients do not put any type of liquid in their ears e.g. olive oil  with 48 hours of a treatment.

Price guide £29/45 mins inc relaxing facial massage